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  • 400-000-000



    Automatic gantry hanging plating production line



    Scope of application : for products with large output , work pieces , special shape and process change




    2. 采用先进的PLC控制系统,人机界面触摸屏操作系统;可对数据、PH值、电流、电压、电镀时间、运行状态等进行时时监控

    3. 可在全自动、半自动状态互相转换,设计科学合理,自动化程度高

    4. 一线多工艺,多镀种,上挂确认每挂所需工艺流程后,自动找槽,已够时间的飞巴实现自动完成所需工艺流程



    1. can have multiple processes at the same time to meet the electroplating process of various parts

     Using advanced PLC control system, man-machine interface touch screen operating system, data, PH value, current, voltage, electroplating time, running state can be monitored from time to time

     It can convert to each other in automatic and semi-automatic state, and the design is scientific and reasonable, and the degree of automation is high

     One-line multi-process, multi-plating, hang up to confirm each hang the required process flow, automatic slot, enough time to achieve the automatic completion of the required process flow